One of the oldest cities in Europe, but still youthful in its atmosphere which can be felt at every turn. This atmosphere is talked about and confirmed by worldwide media such as the New York Times, The Independent Traveler, The Sunday Times, Le Figaro, la Repubblica, Die Zeit…

Visit Belgrade and discover for yourself that it is so!

The city on the confluence of two rivers, the Sava and the Danube, thanks to which high temperatures are quite pleasant, and you can find peaceful places to relax in green oases, even in the very center of the city. These rivers divide the city into the Old and the New Belgrade.

New Belgrade was once a swamp, today it is a modern part of the city with residential buildings, large parks and walking paths next to the river. Our Rush Cafe & Apartments is located in just such a part of the city and the time spent with us will offer you Belgrade at its most charming.


In the past the slope of the Belgrade fortress emerged from the Pannonian Sea, and it would have been lovely if it still remained there. But Belgrade is one of the rare cities with around 180km of riverbanks, which is no small thing and it’s something we could be proud of.

River Sava

The river Sava is a calm, tame river, which emerges in Slovenia, from the rivers Sava Dolinka and Sava Bohinjka, and flows into the great, blue, mystic Danube.

But the Sava river never grows old, but becomes a part of the great European story told by the Danube in its beauty, mystique and cultural connection between many nations and many traditions.

The Sava is a Belgrade river in the true sense. It flows through the old and the new part of the city, and its shores are very approachable, with numerous cafes and restaurants where one can enjoy a delicious freshwater fish meal or a cool beer, wine or juice.

A person who has never taken a swim in the Sava river, which is clean and calm for swimming, is not a true citizen of Belgrade.

The river flows beneath several bridges, and each of them has its own story and reflects a certain period of the city’s history, which is very intense and long.